Online Bingo jackpots explained

There are many different reasons why people love bingo so much, but one of the biggest reasons – as with many other online casino games – is the fact that some very impressive prizes can be won. And some not so impressive prizes too. But since any win is a good win, the prizes, whatever they might be, are always going to be welcome. 

Some of the online bingo jackpots at Umbingo can build up into the high six figures, or even into the millions. It all depends on the type of game, how many people are playing, and what it costs to play. So let’s look a little more into the online bingo jackpots you might be interested in playing. 

Fixed Price Jackpots

Some bingo jackpots are known as ‘fixed price jackpots’ which essentially means what it says – the prizes are fixed and it makes no difference how many people are playing. The jackpot is going to stay the same no matter what, whether there are dozens of people playing, or just two or three. 

The fixed price jackpot will be paid out to one person if they win in the specified way – so it might not just be getting a line or a full card. It might be that you have to complete a specific pattern, for example. This can mean that in some games no one wins, however, this won’t change the jackpot for the next game; it will remain the same. 

Guaranteed Jackpot

Again, the term ‘guaranteed jackpot’ is fairly self explanatory, although there are two meanings to this phrase and it’s important to be aware of what and how you might be playing. Firstly, a guaranteed jackpot means that the prize will be worth at least what is advertised, no matter how many people are playing. 

Secondly, it could mean that the prize will definitely be won, so there are fewer restrictions on the gameplay. This is why guaranteed jackpot games tend to be more popular than fixed price jackpots which are harder to win. 

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are those that grow every time they aren’t paid out. So if no one wins, the next game will have a higher jackpot and so on until the money is finally paid out. Again, there will probably be specific ways that this money can be won, including the patterns mentioned above. This is because the prize fund can become so large (millionaires are made in this way) that it needs to be harder to win. 

These games are incredibly exciting; even the idea of winning such a huge amount is enough to make the game fun, let alone the gameplay itself and the social chat that goes along with it.

Sliding Jackpots

Sliding jackpot bingo games are not so popular as many of the others. The jackpot will start with a large figure, but as the game progresses, that figure reduces. So the longer it takes for anyone to win, the less the prize will be.

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