Nostalgic Remixes to Bring You Back to the 70s

The 70s was a great time for music. And while discussions on 70s era music usually revolve around disco, it was also a great time for a slew of different genres such as funk, jazz, soul, and rock ‘n roll. It’s also important to note that the 70s also nurtured pioneer DJs such as Grandmaster Flash, a man who paved the way for today’s DJs and producers.

With all that being said, it isn’t surprising that many music fans look back fondly on this era. The 70s were the formative years for many and was filled to the brim with unique music that has stood the test of time. If you find yourself missing the 70s, we’ve got just the thing for you. We’ve put together a list of 70s remixes that’ll send you back in time so that you can relive this long-gone era!

Come Together

While the 70s saw the tail-end of Beatlemania, there’s no denying that the Beatles were still wildly loved during this era. Now, we can’t talk about the Beatles and not talk about what may just be their biggest song ever. “Come Together” is arguably one of the Beatles’ most popular and iconic songs. The song’s groovy bass lines and eclectic lyrics are reflective of the best that the 70s had to offer when it came to music.

Urbandawn’s remix of “Come Together” takes all the things that you loved about the original and transports them to today’s electro scene. Urbandawn retained most of the original bass lines but with a glitch-hop twist. The song cranks up the nostalgia factor by enlisting Tyson Kelly, the man who won the job as the Bootleg Beatles new John Lennon, to sing Lennon’s parts.

Dancing Queen

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning ABBA. And out of all of ABBA’s songs, “Dancing Queen” takes the top spot for being the most memorable. Despite its popularity, people still seem to be confused about what the song is about. And while there are many strange theories about it, the truth is a little less exciting. A list of entertainment facts by Gala Bingo’s Happy Hub reveals that band member Bjorn Ulvaeus wrote “Dancing Queen” for the late Queen Mother after a raucous night at Glamis Castle. A love for the song seems to be common within the Royal Family. In fact, Her Majesty the Queen seems to be particularly fond of the song as well.

Sondr’s remix of the song is a great reimagining of the disco hit. While inherently different from the original, the song is just as danceable given the slight bump in tempo and addition of energetic beats. The vocals by Conor Maynard and Daecolm also add a lot to the song, as they inject modern-day pop sensibilities to this 70s masterpiece.

Stayin’ Alive

Billboard‘s list of the Bee Gees’ best songs reveals that the group pretty much defined the sound of the 70s. They produced hit after hit and provided a whole generation with music to dance and groove to. Originally written for the movie Saturday Night Fever, the song has made it into the pantheon of disco music and is a certified disco staple.

The point of a remix is to make something unique out of already existing material. This is what San Pacho did with this remix of the disco hit. While the body of the song remains the same, San Pacho modernises it and turns it into a present-day house banger. This remix makes full use of the original’s catchy groove to help set up the one epic drop at the end.

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