Five Greatest DJs of All Time

No doubt you will have your own opinion about who the greatest DJs of all time are, and notable names like Derrick May, Fatboy Slim, and Logan Sama narrowly missed out being included on this list. But it is safe to say no one should disagree that the following five DJs are undoubtedly some of the greatest beat-mixers the world has ever known.


Carl Cox

After more than three decades, Carl Cox is still at the top of his DJing game. Cox was at the forefront of the acid house and rave explosion in the UK in the late 1980s. And in the 1990s, he drove the techno sound that is still played by DJs the world over. He delivered legendary sets at Danny Rampling’s club Shoom, and his 15-year residency at Space in Ibiza was infamous amongst Ibiza party-goers in the ‘90s. Modern DJ sounds simply would not be the same if Cox had not come on to the scene.

David Guetta

Frenchman David Guetta is, without doubt, one of the most popular DJs of all time. The DJ, record producer, and songwriter has sold over thirty million singles and nine million albums worldwide. He has been called the Grandfather of EDM, and with good reason. He was one of the first superstar DJs to prove the guy behind the decks can sell out stadiums. In 2013, Billboard announced his track When Love Takes Over was the number one dance-pop collaboration of all time.

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Frankie Knuckles

The American DJ, remixer, and record producer Frankie Knuckles played an integral role in the development and popularisation of house music. He began mixing beats in Chicago in the 1980s when house music was still in its infancy. Frankie Knuckles’ music sparked the fire for the genre to become the global phenomenon it is today. He spun cuts that no one else would find or play. He was undoubtedly a DJing pioneer, so his nickname of The Godfather of House Music is most certainly warranted. At the age of 59, in 2014, Knuckles died due to complications from his diabetes. But his music will live on forever.

Grandmaster Flash

Although Grandmaster Flash did not invent hip hop DJing, he took inspiration from innovators like Kool Herc and Pete Jones to pioneer the sound that would dominate the hip hop scene for years and inspire numerous DJs after him. In the 1970s and 1980s, Grandmaster Flash developed and mastered DJ techniques that are still used today, most notably: backspin, punch phrasing, and record scratching. Born as Joseph Saddler in 1958, Grandmaster Flash set the standards for DJs and hip-hop artists, and his various mixing techniques have become a staple of modern music in all kinds of genres. If it were not for Grandmaster Flash, music might never have gone in the direction it did.

Paul Oakenfold

The story of Paul Oakenfold’s rise to fame reads like a novel. In the summer of 1987, he travelled to Ibiza. He fell in love with the club sounds as much as the island, and he came back to the UK and completely transformed the country’s dance landscape. With his brand of Balearic house, he single-handedly defined a new scene and culture. Oakenfold was the key force behind trance and acid house, and he has worked with some of the greatest artists on the planet. He released Carl Cox’s debut single on his Perfecto record label, produced the Happy Mondays, toured with U2, and has a mountain of other accolades. Quite simply, Paul Oakenfold is one of the greatest and most influential DJs to have ever emerged onto the scene. He is a three-time Grammy Award winner and has often been voted the number one DJ in the world.

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