Famous Musicians That Are Known for Gambling

Gambling has been one of the most popular activities among humans for thousands of years. The thrill of playing and anticipation of winning has a huge draw among all groups, but musicians seem to be especially susceptible to its call. It would seem that the richer and more famous they become, the more time they spend in casinos, gambling small fortunes at the tables. Here are some of the famous musicians that are known for gambling.

Lemmy Kilmister

Not many people know that Motorhead’s hit Ace of Spades should have been a song about slots. Lemmy Kilmister, the band’s lead singer who helped co-write the song, wanted to include more references about the one-armed bandits, but that turned out to be too difficult. Lemmy was an avid slot player and he wanted to honor his favorite game. In the end, he had to settle for poker references in the song. Since he also loved playing poker, we imagine that wasn’t too hard for him. Lemmy was known for hosting poker games that lasted all night during the band’s tours, where he played against other members of the band, but also against guests and even the crew. Interestingly enough, when visiting casinos, he only played slots and rarely had a seat at a poker table. He preferred to play against the people he knew in a more relaxed setting.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is an American icon and one of the most famous musicians in history. One city, in particular, can claim Ol’ Blue Eyes as its own, and that is Las Vegas. Frank adored Sin City and spent a lot of his time in the desert. It has been said that every casino on the Strip has a table reserved just for him and his guests, whether he is in town or not. He was respected and loved by everyone, but especially his audience. People would queue for miles to buy tickets for one of his shows in Vegas. Even a hint that he was in some casino playing cards was enough to start a stampede of people rushing to see him. If he was alive today, we are sure Frank would be learning how to play on online casinos and have some fun playing against other players, as he loved gambling. Unfortunately, he isn’t and all we can do is rewatch his movies and play his songs, trying to imagine Las Vegas as it was during his time.  


In 2020, a video starring famous rapper Nelly went viral. The clip was recorded inside a casino and depicted a quarrel Nelly had with another player at a blackjack table. Even the pit boss had to get involved to stop the altercation from escalating. Fortunately, it didn’t come to blows and it all ended with an exchange of insults. Nelly is known for his gambling escapades, but he was never before been recorded going off at other players. Hopefully, his future casino visits will involve more gambling and winning and fewer drunken fights.

50 Cent

50 Cent is one of the most successful rappers of all time. He has earned millions during his career, yet somehow managed to get himself bankrupt. People familiar with the situation claim that one of the reasons for his bankruptcy was his gambling. 50 Cent loved to gamble, especially placing bets on sports. He famously bet a million dollars on Floyd Mayweather in his fight against Oscar de la Hoya. He also won a $500,000 bet placed on New York Giants in 2012. It was always thought that he had a huge success with sports betting, but a lot of people changed their opinion when 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy. It begs the question of just how much did he lose on failed bets.

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