5 Things That Bring Artists To Los Angeles

5 Things That Bring Artists To Los Angeles

Los Angeles is often regarded as one of the world’s largest hubs of creativity. It’s where the stars settle and where the entertainment industry innovates to new heights. 

Often, LA is seen as the filmmaking capital, with television studios also occupying much of the city. However, music also has a strong presence here. Artists from all over the world try to relocate to LA or stop by for a working visit. Aside from the city’s iconic status, what else draws people in from far and wide? 

Fortunately, there are a few things to consider here. We list what they are for you down below. 

Tourist Prospects

The pandemic has devastated the world. Industries lie in ruin, and entire countries have been pushed to the economic brink. 

Los Angeles has experienced its share of setbacks, too, suffering the same restrictions as anywhere else in the world. However, tourism quickly boomed once again in LA as measures began to ease. Even after a long pause, the love of the city has not wavered. Tourism is also a big part of the LA economy, so its revival can also indicate a return to prosperity as well. 

For entertainers, an influx of tourists potentially means larger audiences at live performances. Pleased crowds may also keep up with the artists when they return home, researching them and engaging with their material via the internet. They may spread the word of their fandom back home as well. One way or another, tourism can affect an artist’s prospects substantially, and LA is incredibly active in that regard. 

Studio Access

Of course, tourists can also be artists themselves too. Travelers often look to refuel their creativity in places like LA. 

Companies like Pirate have created many opportunities, providing guidance on topics such as recording your music in LA. They welcome anybody from natives to travelling musicians in any two of their rehearsal and recording studios in LA. In-house engineers regularly maintain all the equipment. Musicians also have 24/hour access, along with air conditioning and vending machine access. Ultimately, artists can bunker down here for a long time whenever inspiration hits them. 

LA can often be perceived as a city that is reserved exclusively for the elite of the entertainment industry. However, there is plenty of room for newcomers to find their voices too. Studio access is easy to come by and affordable to use, which means there are no limits to any musician’s creativity here. Even holidaymakers can pop in for a quick jam session before hitting the road once more. 

Rookie-Friendly Events

Newer artists can hone their craft in LA. The city provides many rookie-friendly events for these purposes. 

For instance, there are many incredible open-mic venues across the city that feature both singers and comedians. There are numerous advantages to this arrangement, such as: 

  • Having an audience good to go – Crowds in open-mic nights tend to be game for some fun and open to new ideas. Instead of spending years building an audience, artists can use an open mic night to hit the ground running. 
  • Testing material – If artists are just one act in a succession of them, they can slip in, deliver their material, then get out. They do not need to worry about compromising their reputation or ‘letting down’ an audience and can instead acquire some instant feedback. 
  • Feeling pride – Grafting through rookie-friendly events will help artists feel as if they are earning their success. Eventually, they will become seasoned professionals. After all, those who win talent shows on a whim may always secretly wonder if they took a shortcut and simply got ‘lucky’.
  • Potential of Discovery – In places like LA and New York, talent scouts and agents will often attend open-mic nights to see if they can book a promising new client. 

The fact that LA can deliver these experiences so readily is a testament to the city. Every artist has room to grow, experiment, and achieve here, irrespective of their experience in the industry.   

Positive Perspectives

LA is where the best entertainers congregate to work hard, relax in luxury, and celebrate their industry. To be a developing artist in that environment would undoubtedly be surreal and give an unrivalled sense of what is possible.

 Many questions can be raised here, such as:


  • How did the greats make their mark on the industry? Los Angeles is rich in history. To be so close to it is an honor and privilege alone and could provide many learning opportunities. 
  • How do inexperienced peers approach things? Many artists have different definitions of success. There are also numerous ways to triumph and achieve. Did any peers explore any other callings in life that are related to their passion, such as teaching? It can all be informative.  
  • How do people balance ambition and talent? Some entertainers dream of stardom in LA but get nowhere. Others have such charisma and skill that they seem to walk into fame and fortune overnight. Seeing this firsthand may help artists reframe their approach to their craft. 


Ultimately, there is a wealth of exhilarating and informative experiences in LA. The city is filled with people who are ‘trying to make it’ and others who are at the top of their game. An artist in LA can raise their competitive bar. Alternatively, they can be inspired and seek out an alternative way of doing things. 

A Constant Push for Inclusivity

When people think of artists, you can think of ambition. An artist needs connections, high quality technology and targets in order to achieve their goals. Being an artist involves a lot of ambition and you have to be able to take criticism as well as appeasing your audience. You know your target audience though as an artist, so this is the main reason why you need to surround yourself with quality. Find the right environment and you are likely to produce your best work! Therefore, they cannot work in openly hostile places or set in their discriminatory ways. 

Inclusivity is a significant reason as to why many people gravitate toward Los Angeles. There are always initiatives that strive to create a more diverse community and ensure that everyone feels welcomed and has access to equal opportunities. 

Of course, artists may create more profound works of art if they can fully be themselves. Their confidence in LA will be unrivalled, and they can explore the depths of their potential without hesitation or unjust constraints. 

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