Think it’s possible to DOUBLE your fanbase?

What if I told you… this can be accomplished in less than two months?

Okay, hear me out.

I’m going to show you the easiest, fastest, and LEAST expensive ways to grow your music fan base.

Independent EDM artists always get this confused.

First, let me ask you:

Do you feel your music has lots of potential but growth is static?

If so, read this full article. You don’t what to quit.

Here are the five essentials you need to kill it in music as an EDM artist!


I have good news and bad news.

Guess I’ll start with the bad news: you really can’t do it alone.

The idea of a 100% independent artist that became successful is a myth…

It’s just not possible because outcompering the industry requires too much investment:

One man simply doesn’t have enough:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Resources (money)

And i’m assuming that you don’t have a record label with hundreds of employees to back you up.

Sadly— the burden is all left to you, my friend.

Now here is the good news: the solution is clear.

What you need is a TEAM to help you.

Your production, promotion, and fanbase growth require the help of professionals to grow.

Fortunately, this is easily accessible for you in 2021!

Many agencies take care of these tasks at hand.

The best one to use is Boost Collective.

With over 10’000+ artists helped, they’ve proven to give excellent results to EDM artists across the globe.


See the images above ☝🏾

If your designs don’t look like this, only pain awaits you.

I’m not exaggerating.

EDM is one of the most sophisticated genres of music.

You can’t get away with low production standards!

Not to mention, electronic music fans are the type to own expensive headsets/speakers since they care about production quality so much.

So now you’re in a dilemma.

Since you know that aesthetics are a big part of EDM branding – does that mean you should take up a course in graphic design?

Well, the answer isn’t so simple.

See, the good news is that EDM is very commercial (and easy to monetize)

But that also means that consumers are accustomed to a high quality standard.

Here’s the reality though:

Designing your own work is a waste of time.

Firstly, the price for professional-grade software is rather costly.

You’re better off investing that money in new equipment or samples.

Even with money aside, the learning curve to mastering creative design is as big as learning music production!

Just  think of how much further you will get if you put that same time and resource back into your music.

Don’t forget – musical skill has a compound effect!

The artist who puts in the most hours get the most results.

You don’t stand a chance unless you spend every creative cell in your body toward music.

How do I know?

I ran an experiment.

I put two songs by the same artist in a playlist right next to each other – the only difference was quality.

The newer (and better track) did better but guess by how much?

2x better?

3x better?

No. The song did 10x Better than the other!

I know what you’re thinking.

No duh. This is so obvious! Song quality always comes first.

But you’d be surprised how many artists prioritize learning design over putting extra hours into music improvement.

Wondering where to get your designs from?

I have you covered.

Claim your professional-grade designs today!

Spotify canvases and Cover arts done for you.

And the best part? You can get it at FRACTIONS of the cost to do it yourself.


Do you use Distrokid or CD Baby?

Well guess what – so does almost every other artist.

Distrokid makes millions of dollars only because Spotify is the most demanded app in the music industry.

Now we gotta ask the question…

Are Spotify playlists overrated?

Answer: not I’m the slightest bit.

Before that, we need to differentiate between organic vs botted playlists.

That’s why Boost Collective wrote this free guide so you can weed out fake playlists.

Check it out!

Okay moving forward, this is what you and every other artist on planet earth need to understand;

Spotify is the biggest platform on earth.

Where else do people go to find new music? 

Apple Music can barely keep up, not to mention the other losing streaming platforms.

The #1 thing you need to grow a fanbase is discovery.

See, not only does Spotify give you access to over 160 million listeners, the algorithmic discovery through playlists is insane!

Why are you leaving your potentially bigger fanbase on the table?

Only foolish artists avoid playlist promo.

Are you one of them?

Keep in mind, even record labels and top artists use Spotify playlist promo as their #1 growth method.

Especially in the EDM genre!

Just look at The Fifth Guys as prime examples of what playlists can do to push an EDM artist further.

Would you say no to millions of monthly listeners?

Of course not.

Through Boost Collective, you have access to over 350+ playlists.

Not to mention, you have access to The Fifth Guys’ playlist as well!


How long have you been producing music?

One year?

Two years? 

Maybe three?

Assuming this isn’t your first day producing EDM- you’ve definitely realized one thing.

Production… is hard 😂 .

Now u gotta ask you:

Do you really want to 

watch tutorials for the remainder of your life?

Just think of how many hours you’ve spent and can never get back.

Here’s some good news!

What if there was a learning shortcut?

I’m not lying.

The shortcut is to focus on the highly-effective information and ignore the rest.

Not every “music production hack” is important to you.

The smartest industry pros have very simple production systems! How else can you make good music and still have time to tour the world?

All you really need is a laptop +  headphones + knowledge.

Don’t forget that Skrillex and Martin Garrix make music in hotel rooms for crying out loud.

Now here’s the kicker.

What if you could contact these guys and get one-on-one coaching from them?

How much would your music career explode by?

You’re in luck.

No, I can’t get you on call with Skrillex. 

Nor do you need that to make music income. What you need is access to industry professionals.

Here they can offer you their:

  • Industry guidance
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Production advice
  • Live demonstrations 

The best investments don’t just save you money, they also build relationships and save time.

Two birds with one stone.

You gotta apply for one-on-one mentorship and coaching from industry experts if you’re serious!


Networking is your key to success as an EDM artist.

Before I explain, let me ask you a question: 

Which type of EDM music do you make?

See, 50 years ago there was only one answer.

Now, you can’t really say.

Every year new styles of electronic music are born.

Here is the challenge:

How can you promote your music to a Tropical House music fan, if you make Future Bass?

it’s not really possible.

Damn! So many potential fans that are sadly our if your EDM du genre.

The best way to expand your fanbase organically is through collaboration projects!

The KING of this is Skrillex.

(You can probably tell by now that I’m a big Skrillex fan haha.)

The top EDM artists have a lot of vocals and collaborate with artists of other genres.

The human voice is the most powerful instrument.

I made it easy and simple for you to get voices for your next track.

CHECK THIS OUT to access your future music collaboration partners.


Have you ever dreamt of filling up an arena gig? 

Imagine… the feeling of 20 thousand fans!

Sadly these spots are reserved to only the top artists?

The reason why may not be what you think.

You don’t need:

  • A huge record deal
  • Millions of monthly listeners
  • Thousands of Instagram followers

Some venues may care — but most don’t.

What you do need is to build buzz around your name.

See, in the entertainment industry, press is everything.

Without it, you are a nobody — at least in the eyes of event promoters.

They only care about credible or familiar names.

But here’s the issue:

You’re at a disadvantage to build credibility in the current music space.

The industry is just far too saturated.

To stand out from the crowd you’ll need brands to endorse you.

This is where press releases come in key. 

The more articles you’re mentioned in, the better.

This is because event promoters are going to Google your name, not look for your Twitter handle.

Social media can be easily faked — even Ellen does it!

Your best strategy is to have tens of articles all on Google’s from page with your name. 

This grants you leverage when reaching out to venues and puts you in a higher industry status!

I know what you’re thinking now.

Songs are good, but how am I going to get on the front page of Google?

You don’t have to.

Let Boost Collective submit your press release to hundreds of blogs for you!

Not only that, press releases are what gets you verified across social media platforms.

See what’s in store for you today!


Music success doesn’t come easy – except it does, with Boost Collective! 

Whether you want Spotify promo, cover art or music video creation, or want to hop on a 1on1 call with our roster of music pros and mentors,we’re your all-in-1 music success site.

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