5 Basic Online Slot Tips

Before you play slots at starslots.com, let’s get back to basics with these 5 helpful slot tips that could totally change your gaming experience!  

1 – Read the game description before you play 

There are so many kinds of slots to play and each slot is different from the next in various ways. The obvious differences are that slots have different themes and can differ visually, but there are also other big differences which can make all the difference to your game. Each slot will have its own rules, bonuses and payouts, so before you play, it’s important to understand the slot game that you’re playing. The rules of different slots dictate what the winning combinations will be and what the bonuses will be. 

2 – Take advantage of bonuses  

When you’re looking for a slot to play, be on the lookout for welcome bonuses and special offers which almost all online casinos will offer as they can have a huge impact on your gameplay. Whether you win or lose whilst playing is all down to luck, but by taking advantage of slot bonuses and offers you can give your game a head start and could help to make your bankroll last longer! Before accepting a welcome bonus or special offer, just be sure to read the betting requirements.  

3 – Think before you use the gamble feature 

Many new video slots come with an exciting gamble feature which gives players the opportunity to double or in some cases even quadruple their winnings! However, the feature follows a “double or nothing” format so where it can be very tempting to gamble for the chance to walk away with a small fortune, make sure to weigh up the decision carefully, especially if you face losing a large sum of money.  

4 – For the best winning potential, activate all paylines 

Many players who want to make their bankroll last as long as possible may choose to activate a small number of paylines. However, this may not be the wisest choice, especially if you want to maximise your winning potential. The odds are the same with each spin, so to make the most of winning, activate all of the paylines! 

5 – When it comes to progressive slots – go big or go home! 

Some slots have fixed jackpots that will remain the same throughout the play whereas some have progressive jackpots which increase as more players play the game until one lucky player bags the jackpot. Although larger bets don’t necessarily mean your chances of winning is greater, it may still be worth upping your bets when playing progressive slots. After all, the most enticing thing about progressive slots is the huge jackpot, so if you are interested in playing for a progressive jackpot, consider placing bigger bets if your bankroll will allow it. One thing to note is that if you wager the minimum it will enable you to win a smaller jackpot, however if you’re wanting to be in with the chance of winning the largest jackpot you’ll have to up the ante.

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