5 Banging Online Casino Games Based on Classic Rock

If you have visited an online casino in the last few years, you will have probably noticed that they aren’t quite like they used to be. Modern casino websites have hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of games, and they are designed to be a lot more sophisticated and entertaining than the games of the past.

If you take something like online slots, for example. The design and gameplay have shifted over the last decade or so. And, one way they have been changing things up is by bringing branded games to the platforms. By branded, we mean officially licenced material based on elements of pop culture. A good example is the fantastic Top Gun slot by Playtech, which is based on the Tom Cruise movie from the 1980s.

But one way games developers have used branding to their advantage is by bringing in games based on rock giants. These games are created in partnership with certain rock acts, using their imagery and music to create titles that will be attractive to fans. There are loads of examples at online casinos these days, and we list five of the best below:

Guns N’ Roses Slots

Remember GNR’s heyday when they were the self-styled “most dangerous band in the world”? That’s what this game is all about, looking back at the rockers’ masterwork, Appetite for Destruction, as well as a dash of Use Your Illusion I and II. It’s great stuff, featuring loads of fun bonuses and action to tunes like Paradise City and November Rain. There is plenty of win potential in the game, too. But it’s quite volatile, so make sure you budget for that before you play.

Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots

If you were expecting the Prince of Darkness’ signature slot game to be full of the macabre, you’d be dead right. While this is an official Ozzy Osbourne game, it does not have the video footage or panache of the GNR slot mentioned above. In fact, it’s more of a classic 2D-style game. However, there is still plenty to love about this one, including some of the reel-modifying features you can hit in the base game. It’s also a good starter slot for those who find some modern games a bit overwhelming.

Spinal Tap

Ok. So it’s not based on a real band, despite what The Simpsons might tell you. But we had to include Spinal Tap in this list because it is so much fun. There are too many bonus games and side features to list here, and you will still keep discovering new stuff about this game months after playing for the first time. The main excitement comes from the – potentially lucrative – World Tour Bonus. Can you lead Spinal Tap to glory in Japan?


Like GNR, this one uses actual footage of the band on stage, so it’s a fun experience for fans of Lemmy and the boys. All of these slots tend to be high octane, offering lots of gameplay options and fast-paced bonuses. Motorhead is no different, and you will hopefully be tapping your feet away to the Ace of Spades as the wins roll in.

Jimi Hendrix

Plenty of flower-power here as Hendrix’s might riffs soar over the slot’s gameplay. This is one of the earlier attempts to create a branded rock slot by Swedish pioneers NetEnt, so it’s a little more stripped back than some of the rest. But it works just fine, and there is plenty for rock fans and serious casino players to enjoy.

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