WU15 – ‘WU15’ EP (Eglo Records)

The Eglo camp continues in fine form with their latest release WU15, which sees Peckham boy Henry Wu join forces with North London’s Kieron Ifill, aka K15, for a killer four-track EP.

Both producers have continuously blurred the lines between Hip Hop, Jazz and House on their individual past efforts, sharing an impressive discography of releases on labels like Rhythm Section, Wild Oats & 22a. However, this is the first time we hear the two work together.

Opener ‘Love Gambit’ sees K15 ride solo. Shuffling hats and a broken beat lay the foundation for dreamy Jazz chords that take you to that special place, while glowing synth leads effortlessly float off the bass, keeping up momentum.

Next up Wu jumps in for ‘Space and Time’. Reminiscent of an 80s Jazz-fusion interlude, the pair demonstrate their improv skills as Rhodes keys & rugged bass lines struggle to sit still over lo-fi bleeps and dusted percussion hits.

‘The Anthem’ moves closest to the dance floor. Echoes of early Floating Points productions are evident as the two continue exploring live elements in a dance track. Wobbly Moogs and keys head off where they please until a four-to-the-floor rhythm forces them to connect in the middle and ride out together till the end.

Wu leads us out with finale ‘Shadada’, taking the energy down a notch from ‘The Anthem’ yet still preserving all the funk. Loose drum programming provides a 2-step palette for delicate strings to creep on, alongside a restless b-line that Bootsy Collins would approve of.

An excellent EP from two of London’s most exciting new(ish) producers that feels right at home on Eglo Records. Here’s to hoping this is just the beginning of Wu15!

Words: Callum Wright

Listen to & buy the record here

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