Warlock – ‘Space Junk’ (Rag & Bone Records)

Releasing forward thinking music that’s brimming with the sensibilities of old skool rave, Warlock’s Rag & Bone label has been supplying the underground with mutated bass gems and restless club bangers since 2003. Having taken a five year sabbatical since his last record ‘Window Smasher’, the veteran DJ returns with a 3 track EP entitled ‘Space Junk’.

Using a sample from the superb US show Breaking Bad as inspiration, opening track ‘No Half Measures’ is a fidgety dance floor affair designed to launch the crowd into a hyped up frenzy. A tense foundation of feverish percussion is quickly enhanced by rapid fire bursts of synth stabs, warped bass pulses from a futuristic swamp and the occasional break and re-drop will help achieve that extra dance floor reaction.

The title track feels more like a tribal walk through some darkened woods, the hissing notes in background adding to the sinister melody that shifts and twists as it rolls through the track, delivering some well judged changes in momentum along with it.

Although not as strong as the other two offerings, ‘Perana’ still packs in the dance floor atmospherics that Warlock has made his own. As the subtlety of the bass line, percussion and effects build a quietly intense platform in the introduction you expect either a big drop to come in and kick things off, or for a continued layering of elements to add to the tension. However, the simple tuned out note pattern that comes to takes centre stage achieves neither, lacking the drive or catchiness to make the track what it could be.

After a lengthy break from the solo game it’s a solid return for Warlock and will certainly be another successful release for Rag & Bone, let’s hope he doesn’t wait another 5 years for the next one.

Robert McCorquodale

‘Space Junk’ is available now via Rag & Bone Records.

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