Toddska – ‘Cowboy / Gal From England’ (Girls Music)

What happens when Sheffield’s wafroed niche loving Toddla T and UK funky Rinse FM drive time don Roska hook up for a late night liaison over a beat and brew? Toddska, the pair’s new musical collaboration, would be the result – and has led to the birth of some serious dancefloor heat.

The release is their first musical exchange to see the light of day and the fourth release to emerge on the Girls Music imprint, the new label lovingly fed and watered by Toddla and long-time cahoot and Bear Raf Daddy. Following in the musical footsteps already blazed by DJ Q and Lady Chann, the Toddska release should ensure Girls Music’s furthers its rep as a fine purveyor of all things British, bleep and bass.

‘Cowboy’ is first out of the starting blocks and has a swagger reminiscent of a gunslinger, albeit one with spurs crafted in the Steel City and a six shooter only capable of killing a dance. The massive arpeggio bassline packs a powerful punch and is large and cheeky enough to slip a rocket up the skirt of any club – it rolls up and down like a drum beat on a skeleton’s spine – albeit a skeleton in Vans with a real affection for the dirtier end of UK garage. Both Toddla and Roska have their own distinctive flavours when you suck down on their contemporary beats – but this marriage has dulled none of their musical powers producing a sonic science which distils their best bits without compromise – Roska’s UKF strafing synths meld together with his partner in crime’s more bombastic approach to spawn something you can’t help but get all physical to.

‘Gal From England’ is on the flip and has the same tribal backbone, but abstract bass and trippy sample takes it deeper, stating this piece of gear is aimed at the head nodders in the club looking to get stupid. News of the Toddska collab has been getting the fan boys wet since it broke towards the fag end of last year and thankfully it doesn’t disappoint. Two of bass’ brightest sparks are getting brighter. Get your shades on. Nuff parkin’.

‘Cowboy/Gal From England’ will be released on January 31st through Girls Music.

Jim Ottewill

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