Throwing Snow – ‘Glower/Clasp’ (Houndstooth)

As the co-owner of two labels and producing under no less than three monikers (regularly receiving support from the likes of Four Tet, Bonobo and Thom Yorke), Ross Tones has his fingers in many pies. A steady slew of boundary-pushing releases saw him garner the attention of fabric’s Houndstooth label, a partnership that shows no signs of abating. After releasing his debut album ‘Mosaic’ with the lauded imprint back in 2014, this year sees the London-based producer put out a series of two-track singles.

Following on from ‘Lumen/Paint By Numbers’, ‘Glower/Clasp’ keeps in line with Tones’ reputation for intricately constructed, melancholic Bass music. The first track ‘Glower’ begins gently with a mouse-whisper of the main melody that gradually builds into densely-matted layers. Pensive Trance melodies weave in and out the increasingly dominant bassline and army of percussive synths – a complex dance that continues right through to the outro. Although ‘Glower’ rides over a club-ready four-to-the-floor, the emotion running through these complex tiers render it a track to end the night, rather than a dancefloor stalwart. ‘Clasp’, with its sophisticated melody shifts and mounting tension, is one for headphones. It kicks off with a snaking low-pitch melody that continues to morph into often-disorienting patterns. Almost as soon as the hazy synths have you hypnotised does the track take a u-turn, stripping back to its bare bones at the halfway point. Anticipation is the name of Ross’ game – here’s a producer that likes to take you to the edge, peek over, then quickly retreat in a way that only makes you hungry for more.

Frequent listeners of Throwing Snow know to expect dedicated craftsmanship of ambient textures, and whilst the single doesn’t experiment with quite the variety of influences as his previous Houndstooth releases, this two-tracker is yet another solid release from the man with many monikers.

Words: Isa Jaward

‘Glower/Clasp’ is out now on Houndstooth. Buy it here.

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