Submerse – ‘Tears’ EP (Project Mooncircle)

There’s an inevitable period of growth that descends upon an artist at various points during their career, in a creative sense that is. Sometimes gradual, with brief spells of experimentation in between those secure comfort zones and other times, dramatic leaps into sonic territory that casts shadows over previous work, usually for the better, but a gamble none the less.

Thankfully, one that’s paid off for 23-year-old Rob Orme, who works under the alias Submerse and creates the kind of emotive, ambient-y beats music that Flying Lotus and the like would be proud of. His output to date has been prolific to say the least, after a bunch of releases on L2S and an E.P out on the R&S affiliated Apollo records earlier this year, his most recent release – about to drop on the Berlin based label Project Mooncircle is the ‘Tears E.P’.

Submerse’s rich musical output has seen quite a sizable stylistic shift in the type of music he produces. His earlier releases consisted of pretty generic 2-step cuts that were of good enough quality for someone so young, but miles away from the potential that ‘Tears’ ensues. The E.P opens with ‘Cream Soda’ a sedate mid-tempo piece filled with virtually undetectable low-end bass flowing in between crunches of percussion.

All of which serves as a great prelude to the pretty vocal samples on ‘It’s Over, I Lost’ which isn’t nearly as grim as the title suggests. ‘Pressure’ increases the pace, adding some variation in the process with just a hint of that retrospective 2-step from past productions, whilst the instrumental R&B of ‘Kerosene’ with it’s flickering drum loops and warm bass line leads nicely into the lengthy intro of ‘Meaningless Moments In Capsules’ which contains around 1.30 of textural audio layering before those hypnotic, off-kilter beats drop once more.

But it’s the title track ‘Tears’ that really shows off Orme’s potential as a producer. It’s a beauty of a track, using a pitched vocal sample over perfectly placed drum pads whilst beautiful synth harmonies are punctuated by some of the most erratic percussion I’ve heard. On the whole, a coherent and promising E.P from Submerse, one that won’t be boring you to tears.

Lucinda Runham

The ‘Tears’ EP is available now via Project Mooncircle.

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