Sperimentazioni Sonore – Sintomi Di Gravità (Sperimentazioni Sonore)

Sperimentazioni Sonore is the latest project of John Swing, EMG and Battista – a run of live, improvised session recordings exploring the outer reaches of electronic music.

The name Sperimentazioni Sonore is Italian for ‘Sound Experiments’. It’s a blend of three producer’s individual traits and influences, but sounds like nothing they have released before. Exactly what these producers have released before, however, is a matter shrouded in mystery.

John Swing and EMG run LiveJam, a label-turned-distribution umbrella that houses upwards of 20 separate aliases and labels. Some are public, but most run anonymously. To name a few: they make music together as Vinalog and Logarhythm, they run the highly-acclaimed Relative Records, and, with The Analogue Cops, they run Appointment. The trio’s third member, Battista, runs the Uaudio label with his brother, Eternauta. Do a little digging and you can stumble across a fair few more production aliases and labels associated with these three artists, ones they prefer are not mentioned here.

This latest venture’s first record consists of two contrast mixes of the same material; one is supposedly a more DJ-friendly version of the other, though telling which-is-which is not as easy as it might sound. Both are abstract and unpredictable, crammed with twists, turns and welcome imperfections. Like every other record these three producers have put their name to, SPS001 is vinyl only.

On the A-side, a jazzy riff hangs above loose, natural percussion, filtering in-and-out of of the mix and seeming to gather pace. Halfway through, the chords make way and washes of sci-fi noise stumble in from nowhere. The track feels languid throughout, but largely avoids the pitfalls that can accompany jams of this kind. Limited post-production and comparatively undetailed sound design can lead to certain tracks sounding like mere sketches, but the endlessly imaginative nature of the material on show here prevents that from becoming a problem. Flip the record over and you have the more drum-focused rendition, entitled the ‘Inconscio Mix‘. Its arrangement and rhythm panders more readily to DJs, even though it never quite settles and randomly switches with a wry sense of humour. This record requires an adventurous DJ and the most open-minded of crowds – you get the feeling that this is the whole point.

Sintomi Di Gravità is available to pre-order here now.

Richard Akingbehin

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