Space Dimension Controller - 'Pathway to Tiraquon 6'

Space Dimension Controller – ‘Pathway to Tiraquon 6’ (R&S Records)

Strap yourself in and keep your helmet aimed at the horizon – the brilliantly named Space Dimension Controller returns with a supposed EP which is as long as any artist album and spilling over with sounds, concepts and cosmic notions. If you believe the press spiel that accompanies the ‘Pathway to Tiraquon 6’ release, SDC is a time travelling visionary called Mr. 8040. He’s tasked with the unenviable job of heading back in time to search for a new planet suitable for human inhabitants after the earth of the future takes a savage beating from a bunch of hostile aliens. This intergalactic yarn may be straight out of a Philip K. Dick tome but makes for a bold, eccentric statement of intent which puts less daring peers to shame – even if in reality SDC is an Irish dude called Jack.

Once you’ve unravelled the narrative which the near 50 minutes of music arrive wrapped in, what have you got? In keeping with his previous releases, SDC is all talk and all trousers. ‘Pathway to Tiraquon 6’ is a collection of mind bendingly brilliant dance which may occasionally doff its cap to early Warp or Underground Resistance releases, but charters a voyage into strange electronic galaxies all his own making.

The highlights are many – ‘Pulsovian Invasion’ is a hyperactive twitcher which evokes images of robots dying in an intergalactic punch up. ‘Usurper’ is a glittering, savage techy stomper and soundtracks a surprise alien attack. Never has a space battle between man and the unknown sounded so ravey. ‘Flight of the Escape Vessels’ follows and oozes optimism – analogue synths and an injection of rubber necked funk all point to a brave new world while the throbbing italo-esque ‘Closing Titles’ draws a suitable curtain over proceedings. As a package of music, the concept, execution and cinematic nature of the endeavour add up to something pretty much perfect. Bursting with electronic flavours, ‘Pathway to Tiraquon 6’ is weird and wonderful, but most importantly, actually works and should be swallowed aurally in one sitting if the full hit of SDC’s futurism is to be felt.

From the story behind the release to the electronic squelches emanating from the grooves there are nods to the past, but the majority of eyes and ears are pointing to the future and the 2257AD from whence Mr.8040 came. It’s well worthy of being pushed out on the listener by a label as steeped in electronic history as R&S as SDC is boldly going where few men have been before. Everyone else just needs to do their best and try to keep up.

Jim Ottewill

‘Pathway to Tiraquon 6’ is out now on R&S Records.

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