Sherwood & Pinch – ‘Late Night Endless’ (Tectonic/On-U Sound)

‘Late night Endless’ is the first full –length album from collaborators, Pinch and Sherwood, both highly-respected in their own fields; Sherwood for his prolific productions in Dub music over the last three decades and high profile remixes for acts such as Primal Scream, Sinead O’Connor and Depeche Mode – and Pinch as a driving force in early Dubstep, known for his distinctive and entrancing instrumentals. Both producers also head their own labels, Tectonic and On-U-Sound.

This pairing simply works. Following two successful EP’s in 2013- ‘Bring Me Weed and ‘Music Killer’, the album is the result of a two year project. With neither side requiring compromise, their individual sounds are easily identifiable within the music and are compounded together masterfully. To put it simply, this album is classic, deep Dubstep and timeless Dub music at its best. It’s impossible not to enjoy it, with deep 80hz subs and echoing modulated synth melodies lurching at you over the subs, these tracks could easily be played out, to screw up your face to and dance.

However, ‘Late Night Endless’ isn’t just a dance album, it’s an album in the traditional sense, designed to be listened to from start to finish and played again and again, discovering something new each time. It’s perfect on headphones, for a long journey in the car or for creating an atmosphere for a lazy Sunday at home. Be warned it’s likely to send you into a pensive state.

Kicking off with ‘Shadowrun’ a deep, classic-sounding instrumental, the album progresses and develops through a multitude of time-honoured sounds. ‘Wild Birds Sing’ appearing midway through, uniting Dub and Jazz, with a haunting saxophone melody resonating throughout. Jazzy piano licks are the main feature, while drums and bass create a trance-like rhythm that holds the track together.

‘Africa 138’ is noteably distinctive, with deep-rolling subs, tribal drums and chant-like vocal samples, it’s a clear example of the diversity and surprise elements to each track that grip the listener and keep you absorbed in the whole experience. The album closes with a clear Reggae influence, as ‘Run Away’ employs Dub drums and signature rim shots that ring out throughout the track, to create a track that would certainly work wonders at Carnival.

‘Late Night Endless’ has been worth waiting for, the musical experience and backgrounds of both Pinch and Sherwood are clearly evident through the careful consideration of the project as a whole. It’s refreshing to receive an album that will unquestionably hold the test of time.

‘Late Night Endless’ is out now on Tectonic and On-U Sound. Buy it here.

Asia Huddleston

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