Shelter Point – ‘Forever For Now’ (Hotflush Records)

The newest addition to the Hotflush release roster comes in the form of young Coventry duo, Shelter Point. Robin and Luke, both 20 years young, provide us with ‘Forever For Now’, a 4-track EP deliberated by many to be analogous with the stylings of James Blake and Mount Kimbie, most probably because of the use of field recordings, upright pianos and vocal modulations, all of which the boys are obviously keen to utilise.

Now, in an attempt to avoid purely discussing the similarities between the pairs approach with both Blake and Kimbie, I’ll say now that they are indeed very similar in nature and content, which, to me, is relatively unsurprising. We all have influences and guidelines with which we contemplate alongside our own spouts of creativity and perhaps, in this instance, it becomes more obvious considering both the labels involvement and the complexion or recognisable style of the music being made.

The EP opens with ‘Braille’, a rhythmic arrangement, showcasing various field recordings that make up a commendable beat, coupled with an almost haunting vocal overlay which, in honesty, I’m not overly fond of. There appears to be a slight lack of confidence here, a somewhat timid approach to the sung element. However, it is structurally sound, which looks promising for future attempts.

‘Hold On Me’ appears to apply the pairs taste for soft, heartfelt, muted synth melodies to a trap-based beat and bassline. It’s not a bad tune, shows a nice variance in their pallet and the duo obviously have a knack for catchy lyrics, but I find it quite hard to place…I put it on at home and the bass line that appears halfway through felt strangely ‘uncomfortable’ and I can’t really see it working in a club because it retains a somewhat airy essence.

‘Forever For Now’ runs rife with evidence of why Hotflush have taken on Robin and Luke. A nice title track, good for a Sunday session, again utilising field recordings (definitely hear a hint of Zippo lighter in there). Vocal manipulation of catchy lyrics, a droplet drum arrangement and a seemingly heart-felt undertone seems to be the business for Shelter Point.

‘Sleep Easy’, the final track on the EP, is unfortunately not an archetype for ‘save the best til last’. Quite simple in form, it all starts to feel a bit samey with this one. Despite having a relatively solid beat behind it, the vocal really didn’t do it for me and highlighted a sure sign of inexperience.

This is one of those EPs where by you hear one track and want to hear them all, mostly out of curiosity rather than because you necessarily like it. All things considered, however, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Shelter Point. They’ve been characterised as being the next Blake or Kimbie, both undoubtedly tough acts to follow!

Will Edge

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