Sepalcure – ‘Sepalcure’ – (Hotflush Recordings)

While other DJs and producers are entering studios, taking their electronic balls out and whacking them on the table, Sepalcure, the moniker for the outfit put together by Travis Stewart (aka Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (aka Braille) – have a more subtle, yet no less emotive approach to the dance. One where they arrive with a box of chocolates and a rose clamped between the teeth rather than a brain rattlingly large cabinet of bass swinging between their legs.

The pair have attracted plenty of plaudits in their solo guises and, although their work together veers down a different path, it’s succeeded in picked up similar levels of hype. Their musical fusion as Sepalcure sees them taking their feet off the pedals they’ve both previously gunned, instead opting for lush, almost ambient r’n’b inflicted electronics.

Two previous EPs – ‘Love Pressure’ and ‘Fleur’ – act as delicious tasters to the sounds they’re gliding with. Delve inside the negligee within the musical wardrobe of their debut full length effort and you’ll discover swooning atmospherics and trembling rhythms. Song titles such as ‘The One’, ‘Eternally Yrs’, ‘See Me Feel Me’ and ‘Hold On’ are an indicator of their lovelorn state. Underneath the wires, the Macbooks and the Serato programmes lies a beating love muscle – black on one side, burnt on the other and white as snow in the middle. As a whole album, their business asks for a certain amount of commitment, but arrives a little more breezy, a little less lost and with a glint in its eye.

‘Me’ and ‘Pencil Pimp’ open the record and are two of the more urgent moments on the record – nibbling playfully at your ears but still awash with splashes of neon amid the synthetic patches. ‘Yuh Nuh See’ employs an acid-tinged yo-yo which matches a digital shimmer before a ravey piano props the whole thing up and sends it spinning off into another sensual, dubby corner. ‘Hold On’ is perhaps the finest moment on the record – the whole thing wiggles over a clipped r’n’b smooch while a sampled vocal, reminiscent of a Chopped and Screwed rerub, yearns right through it. With this fluid, warm take on computer music, Sepalcure are arguably exploring bodily parts which other electronic artists have yet to reach. It’s certainly a romantic electronic soup in which you need to be fully submersed for its pleasures to be teased out. Lick your lips and wade in.

Jim Ottewill

‘Sepalcure’ will be released on November 21 via Hotflush.

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