Seiji – ‘Seiji 4’ EP (Seiji Music)

Hallowed London beat maker Seiji presents the penultimate in his revered ‘Seiji’ series; following on from previous releases, ‘Seiji 4’ is an elaborate duo of infectious dance floor goodness, combining the producer’s classic breakbeat styles with jittery house grooves and that essential percussion that has been a staple in Seiji’s music for a number of years.

Although Seiji’s legacy as one of the masterminds of breakbeat is evident, as a producer he’s never allowed himself to be defined by his history. His continuous ability to create forward-thinking music has become apparent in the ‘Seiji’ series, with each release bringing with it a definitive gem of a track. Take a look back to ‘Seiji 1’s ‘Yesman’ or ‘Seiji2’s ‘Weedkiller’ – the evidence is clear and ‘Seiji 4’ certainly does not disappoint.

Lead track ‘No Other’ echoes those complex breakbeat drum patterns, but initially hits you with a chopped-up vocal sample punctuated by syncopated claps and light percussion, each progressively layered to create it’s own build before exploding into an oscillating bass-line that could induce pure dance floor hysteria. Conversely, follower ‘Easy’ is a little more subtle – it’s cleaner on the beat, with a straight 4/4 pattern accentuated by sporadic hi-hats whilst rhythmic vocal samples weave in and out of the beat.

Once again, Seiji has managed to create something fresh with that instantaneous feeling of quality; his productions are so effortless and yet no two will ever sound the same. His decision to put out his recent releases in a series format rather than an L.P highlights the fundamental ethos behind his music: that it never takes itself to seriously. ‘Seiji4’ is a set of well-constructed tracks that were made to be played at full volume, preferably out of a very big sound system.

Lucinda Runham

The ‘Seiji 4’ EP is released via Seiji Music on July 4.

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