Rusko – ‘Songs’ (Mad Decent)

Two years have passed since Rusko’s debut album ‘OMG’ was unleashed onto an unsuspecting dance community, uprooting the genre formally known as Dubstep from it’s dark, primitive lodgings, upped the wobble factor ten fold, and catapulted it full throttle into commercial main rooms all over the world. Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable occurred, and Rusko was certainly a prime instigator of Dubstep’s transition from a cult bass sound to unashamedly brash party music.

But is Chris Mercer a man who cares? Certainly not, his sophomore offering ‘Songs’ weaves in between genres, filling the gaps with all the brain shattering low end you would expect from the jester of bass. This is a man who made the purists cry with the likes of ‘Cockney Thug’ but unfortunately ‘Songs’ lacks that unruly, give a shit attitude that Mercer
adopts so well.

He expands on the chilled-out digital dub that was explored on ‘OMG’ with laid-back rollers ‘Love No More’ and Mek More Green’ whilst jumping between the Euro trash of ‘Opium’ and ‘Thunder’ and the blatant cheesy pop of ‘Dirty Sexy’, saturating each track in those destructive signature bass drops, but there’s nothing new here, making the record just a little bit too safe.

Although, throughout the course of the album there is redemption in the reminiscence of the nineties inspired ‘Roll The Beats’, which gets off to a good start until it morphs into yet another bro-step blueprint, but the mood is lightened briefly by the sun soaked ‘Pressure’ which provides a brief respite from all that, well, noise.

With all the hype surrounding ‘that difficult second album’, you would’ve thought Mercer would have been a little less complacent, especially in a market saturated with carbon copies of the sound that he helped to create. But in spite of all this, ‘Songs’ does serve it’s purpose and it’s probable that nobody knows that better than Mercer himself, who knows what he’s good at. No doubt lead single ‘Somebody To Love’ will be residing in main room sets long into the summer, although whether or not ‘Songs’ will hold it’s appeal long after this is questionable.

Lucinda Runham

‘Songs’ will be released via Mad Decent on March 26.

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