Recondite – ‘Caldera’ (Hotflush)

‘Caldera’ comes out after two highly acclaimed albums and a royal flush of EPs from Recondite in the last three years. The Berliner is often described as a kingpin in his craft of melancholic electronic music which is simultaneously intuitive as well as escapist, entrancing dance floors en masse.

The lead and title track is richly packed with clear-cut synthetic layers weaving in and out, only reaching its truest potential when played late at night on a darkened dance floor. The slow upward climb of arpeggiated synth patterns creates a certain tension and subtle drama characteristic of Recondite’s music. Following this is a direct response to Recondite’s 2012 track ‘DRGN’. The aptly named ‘DRGN2’ acts as the former’s twisted older brother, with the exaggerated throbbing of the bassline, gradually overriden by the synth’s glistening third-dimensionality

Both sides of the 12″ are electronic masterworks, adding to Recondite’s extensive repertoire. Yet another example of a talented and respected producer doing what he does best.

‘Caldera’ is out now on Hotfush. Buy it here

Julia Kisray

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