Reagenz – ‘The Periodic Table’ (The Bunker NY)

The story goes that David Moufang and Jonah Sharpe (aka. Move D & Space Time Continuum), made their debut as Reagenz after coming together at an Autechre show in San Francisco in 94. It was another thirteen years before they crossed paths again, (coincidentally at another Autechre gig) in Tokyo, which lead to the ‘Playtime’ LP for Workshop. The project has been operating and touring periodically (couldn’t resist) since, but it only required a once-off get together for these maestros of sound to arrange something of this caliber.

Made using a plethora of rough and ready analog hardware, ‘The Periodic Table’ is the product of a 75 minute live set recorded at the Bunker’s 10th anniversary celebrations in New York last year. Track titles are rendered slightly irrelevant but do form an interesting concept factoring in the elemental theme of the release.

There are high points to be found throughout, but the expansive opening sequence is particularly noteworthy. Standing at thirteen-and-a-half minutes, ‘Si’ representing Silicon, is a hazy jam which glides across a plane for what seems like infinity. This rolls over the top, chemically combusting into ‘Tc’ or Technetium, “a shiny radioactive metal element,” the section inhabiting those properties seamlessly. Dark and percussive, the devil is truly in the details and this passage’s atmospheric tones aren’t dissimilar to some of Floating Points’ lengthier endeavors.

Morphing from blissful Detroit inspired ambiance to pulsating Acid and lo-fi Techno penetrated by shimmering rave stabs to boot, there’s rarely a dull moment with the composition being arranged with fluid perfection in it’s entirety. The choice set-up includes a Roland TR 909, 606, JX-3P, SH101, Anyware Instruments TinySizer, Nord Micro Modular, Doepfer Dark Time, Akai MPC 1000, Electro Harmonix Memory Man Delay and a Moog MidiMurf.

After all these years, Moufang and Sharpe have streamlined their workflow to such an incredible level that they can interpret and build upon each other’s percussive elements like osmosis, resulting in their futuristic productions inducing the feeling of a higher state of consciousness. This will undoubtedly resonate with fans of Moufang’s other hardware project – Magic Mountain High alongside Juju & Jordash, Tin Man’s Acid Test series or label mates in Voices From The Lake. A stunning record and a strong closing chapter to an already remarkable year for The Bunker.

‘The Periodic Table’ is out now on The Bunker New York. You can buy it here.

Conor McTernan
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