Pursuit Grooves – Frantically Hopeful (Tectonic)

This summer, singer and MC, Pursuit Grooves releases her full length album, entitled ‘Frantically Hopeful’. Released via Pinch’s constantly shifting Tectonic imprint, ‘Frantically Hopeful’ is an 11-track collective of mysterious, enchanting songs, which feature Pursuit Grooves covering both vocal and production duties.

Pursuit Grooves, born Vanese Smith, is a film graduate from Washington DC who spent much of her childhood studying music and theatre. Renowned for her eclectic sound which juxtaposes peaceful vocals with contradicting, unsteady beats, the DJ, producer and singer has just finished an Australian tour, and is ready to embark on a tour of the festivals this summer.

The album’s opener begins like a straightforward, upbeat club track, but after 30 seconds, the rhythm is completely transformed. Appropriately titled ‘Revolutionaries’, the first track is a great insight into the rest of the album and perhaps Pursuit Grooves’ motives for her career in the music industry – to revolutionise sound.

Although many of the beats are erratic and representative of the low slung, bass heavy Bristol scene that Tectonic has thrived on, light, summery, ethereal vibes are present throughout the collection, making it the
perfect listener for après-Ibiza activities, or the afterparty boom.

Tracks like ‘I Sink’ and ‘Clueless’ follow Pursuit Grooves’ winning formula of an erratic, experimental beat, combined with a powerful yet enchanting vocal. However, on these tracks, singing is replaced for rapping. Her rhymes are perceptive and intellectual – as she states on ‘Clueless’, ‘I refuse to write rhymes about silliness.’ – and provide a refreshing contrast to the content of many other current female lyricists.

‘Transformation of Consciousness’, ‘Bedazzled’ and ‘Attention’ are pulsating instrumentals which sound as if they were spawned from an artist from the experimental hip-hop family du jour, Brainfeeder.

The ‘Frantically Hopeful’ LP is a healthy progression from Pursuit Grooves’ side-project with Canadian producer Pro-Ef, entitled ‘GuSHee’, which was released earlier this year. Listening to the album, you can feel Pursuit Grooves painstakingly creating her uniquely layered atmosphere, and the urge to be a fly-on-the-wall in the studio while the album was created, is introduced immediately after starting the CD.

Elissa Bradley

‘Frantically Hopefull’ is released via Tectonic on July 4.

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