Pinch & Roska – ‘Shoulda Rolla’/’Asbestos’ (Tectonic)

Over the years, Tectonic has proved a key outlet for a whole host of big name producers to pursue entirely deeper, darker aspects of their sound but perhaps none more recently so than Rinse lynchpin Roska. Still championed for his services to Funky, Roska’s music has moved forward at relentless pace since iconic single ‘Squark’ and for the most part, now lands comfortably in ‘bass music’ hybridity. Although often house-driven, elements of funky and more interestingly, dubstep, do still play their part and it is the latter that Roska explores so freely here in his latest EP for Tectonic.

In what will be his third outing for the label, ‘Shoulda Rolla’ is also the second collaborative effort between Roska and label boss Pinch, following up their 2010 effort ‘Paranormal Activity’. The track itself is a dark, brooding menace that does away with niceties and instead opts for sheer, murky weight to get its kicks. Pinch’s signature influence is notably heavy here but it is Roska’s immaculate drum work that add extra potency to the atmospherics and makes for a deeply engaging listen.

On the flip, ‘Asbestos’ continues the theme although at much quicker pace with Roska reverting to a more contemporary stance. Weighty blasts of sub-bass are knitted together seamlessly by more meticulous drum work, only to be blown out of the water by intermittent charging synths. That said, the same dark and gritty undercurrents of ‘Shoulda Rolla’ are present here too and although certainly bouncier, give ‘Asbestos’ a firm sense of identity. An unlikely meeting of minds maybe, but the results are justifiably good.

Pinch & Roska’s ‘Shoulda Rolla’/’Asbestos’ is out now.

Tomas Fraser

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