Peverelist – Dance Til The Police Come/Fundamentalz (Hessle Audio)

“Oi 2011 – Where’s yer left of field raver at?” If you were to bark this question at a dance floor dilettante, then chances are pointy fingers would weave towards the likes of labels Hessle Audio, Punch Drunk and producer’s such as Pangaea, Pearson Sound and the latter’s Peverelist. All three know where their bass bins are kept and have been pivotal figures to emerge from the wreckage left behind by the explosion of dubstep into numerous disparate shapes and sounds. These are the producers and DJs with the sharpest of electronic bits between their teeth

So it’s with much anticipation that the two camps meet for the first time on Peverelist’s first release on the Hessle Audio label. The Bristol-based Tom Ford has his fingers in many pies, including his muchly praised Punch Drunk label as well finding time to craft a dizzying take on dance which has more in common with jungle and hardcore than 2-step or r’n’b.

‘Dance til the Police Come’ will have you doing exactly what it says on the tin if you have this played as it should – belly shudderingly loud. It nails the righteous raver vibe with a razor sharp percussive scythe that will have you reaching for the room odouriser before the tough techiness dissolves all over your face and goes up your ears. It’s hard as nails and swings round a simple melody which sounds as it was played off an acid steel drum – this is dance music at some of it’s most savage.

‘Fundmentalz’ is on the flip and doesn’t let up on the urgency – instead piling on the darkness. Blaring leaden organs sink this right to the bottom of the rave pit while the flittering percussion acts as a rudder, steering this through the subterranean levels it plummets. This is percussive bass music with roots in jungle and the original Bristol sound which is fierce enough to melt. Ready.

Jim Ottewill

‘Dance Til The Police Come’ is out now on Hessle Audio.

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