My Panda Shall Fly – ‘No Secrets’ (Creaked Records)

Following on from his excellent ‘Higher’ EP on Sonic Router, a record that took in the best that both the Los Angeles Beat scene and the UK’s own illustrious Dance music lineage affords, My Panda Shall Fly aka Suren Seneviratne has returned to unleash ‘No Secrets’ for Creaked Records.

MPSF’s music is nothing short of interesting. Full to the brim with a multitude of elements, it channels a myriad of genres simultaneously. There’s an unspoken rule in audio arrangement circles that a tracks should have no more than three or four elements playing at any given time. With casual aplomb Seneviratne demonstrates that these rules are meant to be broken.

‘No Secrets’ has got to be one his most experimental works to date. Odd time signatures and fractured beats hint towards rhythms that never appear, while subversive slabs of sub-bass pressure rub shoulders with crusty, broken House rhythms, dubbed out sound effects and snippets of Jazz music to create a melting pot of sounds which battle it out for attention. Its beguiling and compelling stuff, but something is seemingly stopping it from truly standing out and that is surprisingly the sound palette.

The tone and timbre of the majority of the sounds are extremely played out within the producers chosen aesthetic. The drums and synths on “Chinchilla” channel an L.A. air. Again the synths on “Japanese Woman” are reminiscent of sounds rinsed in trendy Steampunk-esque productions of Kuedo or The Host, and “SSIM” sounds like a dutty, warped version of Gerry Read’s breed of House. “Goonz” is the EP’s real highlight purely for the fact that it sounds the most unique and out there of all of the productions. With ghostly Garage riddims cuddling up beside non-synced dub delays, far-out synth work and an omnipresent low-end.

In the eyes of this writer, compared to the lofty heights of MPSF’s Sonic Router release, the sound palette hear comes across a little generic. That being said, the fact that he is willing to change up his sound with each release is truly testament to the producer’s eccentric mind. All in all, this EP is nonetheless an expansive and engaging project.

‘No Secrets’ is out now on Creaked. Buy it here

Al Kennedy 

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