Objekt – ‘Cactus / Porcupine’ (Hessle Audio)

In the wobbling spheres of thinking where bass really matters, there can be few players whose words carry as much weight as electronic doctor Four Tet – if he (aka Kieran Hebden – says something is worth it, then it really must be pushing some seriously heavy, speaker rattling buttons for us lesser mortals.

Under these circumstances, Berlin producer Objekt could be forgiven for thinking he’s on the brink of something really special. Four Tet was feeling the bass heavy vibe of his latest ‘Cactus / Porcupine’ platter so much, he was prompted to tweet about the record earlier in January: “Lying in bed wearing headphones playing ‘Cactus’ – it is so fucking incredible”. Making it into Hebden’s bedroom is big enough, but his ears? Even bigger. Even bigger still? This latest release is the first to emerge on the much lauded Hessle Audio label in 2012. The antennae of anyone unaware of this hyped German who thinks they know where the electronic pulse lives should now be standing to attention.

Objekt has certainly been a name to drop in computer music circles following the emergence of a few much celebrated limited vinyl releases. ‘Cactus’ has been orbiting clubs since it appeared on Ben UFO’s Rinse mix last autumn and was promptly snapped up by him and his colleagues, Pearson Sound and Pangaea, for the 19th release on their label. It follows remixes for SBTRK and Radiohead – so you can see why the fuss surrounding this young man is becoming so overwhelming…

So do ‘Cactus’ and ‘Porcupine’ deliver the much promised dance floor prickle? Both are unsurprisingly weighty slabs of low-slung tech – the former lumbers through speakers like dubstep’s uglier cousin, weighed down with lead, acid and only one leg but perfectly produced for maximum crush – it’s extreme, deep music which doesn’t need pure volume to put the wind up you. On the flip is ‘Porcupine’, which displays more brittle, metallic funk in its shackles yet still sounds like it would tear one’s face in two given half a chance. Objekt is making deep, music equipped with some serious muscle. Dance floors beware – you need to reinforce yourselves…

Jim Ottewill

‘Cactus / Porcupine’ will be released via Hessle Audio on February 6.

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