Nebraska – ‘Stand Your Ground’ (Mister Saturday Night)

American geography isn’t our forte but we’ll assume the US state of Nebraska isn’t exactly the most happening of places; a vast slab of wilderness characterized by treeless prairie and grassy plains, slap-bang in the middle of the USA. It’s also the namesake of a rather elusive producer this side of the pond – Ali Gibbs, the man behind the latest EP from Brooklyn-based label Mister Saturday Night, ‘Stand Your Ground’.

Under his Nebraska moniker, it’s apparent Gibbs is probably more at home in the shadowed hinterland of today’s electronic music landscape as opposed to mixing it under the garish lights of contemporary urban club culture. His digital footprint barely registers a trace – you’ll be hard-pushed to find much about this guy online. The heads at Mister Saturday Night seemed similarly perplexed: “About a year ago we started to wonder, where is this Nebraska guy?”

Sometimes the best things are the hardest to find.

Persistence paid off and the result is a delightful assortment of Disco treasures presented just in time for summer. It’s a fine follow-up to Nebraska’s equally exquisite ‘Rye Lane Rhythms’ EP on Delusions of Grandeur, released back in March.

Side A kicks off with ‘Little Chan’, a lovely fizzing track with a playful assortment of keys and a rumbustious bass line. In contrast, ‘The Stoop’ is a laidback sampling master class with an intricately woven set of warm keys splashed amidst vintage-sounding drums that ooze languid Disco Funk from start to finish.

Side B presents ‘Stand Your Ground’, the EP’s flagship track, and another low-slung number with a feathery melody and rolling bass line. With a sprinkling of percussive elements, it’s a bit more eclectic on the ear but still cuts the perfect balance between raw synth and sleazy sass.

Nebraska saves the best till last though, unleashing the killer track ‘Emotional Rescue’ just when you thought things had slowed to a gentle simmer. This is full-throttle Disco deviance at its best, with a sunny vocal loop and bags of energy – a combination sure to set any dance-floor on fire in seconds.

‘Stand Your Ground’ is out now on Mister Saturday Night. Order it here.

Words: Henry Cruickshank

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