Murlo & Famous Eno – ‘Ariel’ (Mixpak)

Murlo has quickly cemented himself as a go-to name for some of the best experimental new grime cuts and his latest track, ‘Ariel’, a collaborative joint with Famous Eno, continues that trend with aplomb.

Following up his debut EP for Unknown To The Unknown earlier this month, a three-tracker awash with dreamy strings and washed-out basslines, Ariel is a switch up in style altogether. Landing at 127bpm, you could be forgiven in thinking it’s an early, dubbed-out, funky meets dancehall cut at first, with soca-led melodies dominant throughout, but the pair bring things up to speed and into the future with playful simplicity. Space is explored, subtlety is celebrated and deft, rolling drums are employed to carry the rhythm with minimal fuss; it’s certainly a bold and exciting first collaborative venture.

Stepping up on remix duties is Spooky, who’s 140bpm wizardry is applied to full effect here. The subtlety of the original is fused with Spooky’s own barbarous style, although is reworked over a template that shares similarities with his classic dancehall stomper, ‘Coolie Joyride’. High-pressure and unrelenting, it’s upfront sure-fire weaponry for the dance.

Tomas Fraser

Murlo & Famous Eno – ‘Ariel’ is out now on Mixpak

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