MIMM Recordings – Free EP

Nottingham based art collective Mimm Recordings have already shown that they want to give something extra to their followers, adding limited edition T-shirts to go with their digital and vinyl releases. Now, by way of thanks to those that have bought the records and joined them at the nights the put on with Wigflex, they are dropping a free 4-track EP to showcase the talent they have signed up for their next run of releases.

With four tracks that head in a diversity of directions, Mimm look to demonstrate the variety of their output and an obvious desire not to be pinned to any one style. Metske kicks things off with ‘Matter Plane’ – it’s weighty bass notes swaggering into the fray with supreme confidence and an air of drama, the well paced low-end ignited by the glowing stabs that strike down from above to.

Sergic follows up with ‘Worm’, a claustrophobic, fidgety beast that stirs some acid effects around a tightly wound and unsettlingly frenetic beat, occasionally dropping off the pace to allow tension to amass in the clearing before building into the darkness once again.

Despite its name Lyka’s ‘Abrasive’ lowers the intensity to create a tripped out rumble across warped bass pads, energetic synth patterns and clipped percussion, stopping to take in the landscape every once in a while before picking up again and scampering off through the tribal eeriness.

To round things off in fine style Sergic & Lyka team up to produce ‘Vanilla’. Whereas the previous tracks depended on more impactful elements to drive them forward, here the beat, melody and percussion are held together by the groove that runs through the heart of the track, allowing the other elements room for greater subtlety which in turn makes for a warmer texture with a fuller depth.

Mimm may be still be fresh faced newcomers in the label game, but if after only a year they can start giving away gems of this quality, it speaks very highly of where they may be heading to.

Robert Mccorquodale

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