Midland – ‘Duster’ EP (Aus Music)

Midland has carved a niche for himself amongst DJ’s as someone who can cater for a large, diverse audience, whilst also going much deeper and rougher than many of his peers. His versatility comes across in his sets for those that have heard him play records, but for those who are yet to have the pleasure – take a look at his back catalogue. His latest release comes from Aus Music – the home of some of his best-known records, and a source of music that generally keeps it’s listeners guessing as to what will come next.

The ‘Duster’ EP stays true to form by refining some of those industrial/tribal noises used from collaborations with Pariah and outings on Autonomous Africa and balancing them finely with higher pitched melodies and reverberations. The title track evolves into an emotive piece that would work just as well as a tool as it does as a stand-alone track, efficiently transitioning from the pure energy of crisp hats and a pumping kick, into a medley of hazy synths, joyous strings and heavily modulated keys that crescendo in a triumphant flourish.

The B-side material takes a slight darker turn. ‘Reflex’ has a great base track that rolls on smoothly,  however the slightly perplexing harmonies jitter around on the top and there seems to be little cohesion between the two. ‘Pitch Drift’ on the other hand is well balanced and has a typically peculiar resonance that so many other Aus releases pertain to, giving it a touch of leftfield finesse that rounds off the EP nicely.

The ‘Duster’ EP is out 17th September on Aus Music. Buy it here

Oliver Todd

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