Microburst – ‘Occulting’ (Temp Lake)

Multifaceted Dorset-based producer and sound artist Microburst, also know as Fuewa, inaugurates the Temp Lake imprint with his five-track EP ‘Occulting’. With praise and support from Wire, Dummy Mag, XLR8R and BBC Radio 1’s Jen Long, Chris Sallows has proven himself to be a truly original talent. With a consistent focus on sound design and acousmatic detail, it’s no surprise that Sallows’ previous projects have found suitable homes on the likes of  Sonic Router and Svetlana Industries.

‘Low Boilers’ is the EP opener, which immediately thrusts you in to an otherworldly atmosphere punctuated by harsh metallic stabs. The heavy but sparse kickdrum transports the piece to darker depths along with the rolling toms and ominous vocals. The staunch drums on ‘Lok Ward’ provide a sense of propulsion that acts as a perfect framework for an exploratory exercise in buried ambience and synthetic progressions. ‘Firth’ exemplifies Sallows’ adeptness at manipulating field recordings and corrosive textures. If isolated, certain sounds sustain abrasiveness. However, each part coagulates to a whole and compliments to form a beautiful emotive piece.

Whilst at times comparable to the Fuewa EP on Sonic Router, ‘Occulting’ differs in the sense that it explores the seemingly symbiotic relationship between ambient, developmental surfaces and forthright drum sounds more elaborately to great effect. Melodically the EP is infused with an enlightened psychedelic pop sensibility, especially evident on ‘Combine’. This is by far Sallows’ most accessible work to date in the most positive way possible. The accomplished EP never relinquishes its inventive and technical prowess.

‘Occulting’ is officially out on June 30th, with an early cassette release in May on Temp Lake

Manveer Roda

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