Metrist – ‘Argent’ EP (Nineteen89)

Metrist’s ‘Argent’ EP is the second release from relatively new label Nineteen89, one that maintains their impressive start following an EP from fellow newcomers Rumah & Progression. Percussive acid-laced techno is the name of the game for the ‘Argent’ EP.

Containing flashes of the demented sounds that Randomer propagates, it nevertheless operates under a degree of restraint over the 4 tracks. Indeed, the sporadic lashing out serves to further the overall effectiveness of the release, spilling out in ferocious bursts that don’t betray the overall regimented approach the producer favours.

The Cambridge based Metrist seems to have a good grasp on the structural qualities needed to make an effective techno track. Sonically it’s impressive, cold and metallic, underlining the dystopic, metropolis aesthetic that seems to be characterizing Nineteen89 thus far. Atmosphere is constructed effectively, the ever-present hissing and percussive refreshment of ‘Argent’ creating an effective, harmonious backdrop to the main components.

Succinct and streamlined, ‘Vibe Apparatus’ operates under the dictatorship of a ruthless kick drum, with effective hooks snaking their way throughout the track, occasionally leaping out at the listener. Despite this uncompromised approach, there’s a fair bit of activity going on, with plenty of percussive flourishes to keep things interesting. Not to mention the occasional echoing vocal sample to tie things up.

The crowning glory of the EP has to be ‘Theorem’ – a demented whirlwind of contrasting textures and uneasy, highly accomplished atmospherics. Beginning with lush chords, it quickly descends into barely controlled chaos, with the acid synths that tease so invitingly in previous tracks taking full control. The ‘Argent’ EP succeeds in coming across as being devoid of any organic life – Metrists use of space and atmosphere encourages the listener to view the tracks as creaking, rumbling relics of the industrial age.

Metrist – ‘Argent’ EP is released on 12th November via Ninetenn89

Seb Mehrej

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