Mau’lin – Deeper Than The Sun (Ho_Tep)

Alexander Nut has his fingers in some seriously hefty pies. As one of the pillars of all things bass which is Rinse FM, a renowned club dj and co-owner of Eglo alongside Floating Points, it’s obvious that his pedigree in sounds which go sub woof in the night is in no doubt – which means that the latest release on his offshoot imprint Ho_Tep is well worth your ears standing to attention for. The Hackney-based Mau’lin is next to step up to Nut’s plate and, on this evidence, has plenty to crow about. The eclectic styles of Leatherette and Throwing Snow helped pop the imprint’s release cherry and Mau’lin shows no let up on the eclectic creativity – His debut EP (on 10 inch natch) showcases a wildly diverse selection of sounds.

‘Deeper Than The Sun’ is the leader and a prime slice of night time funky. It’s a driving piece of dance which flexes somewhere in the grey area between broken beat and house and features Red Bull Academy collaborator Amenta drowning at its centre. The spiralling, incessant beat is built for the darkness. ‘Good Arithmetic’ is something we all strive for but, unless used to equate your coin to booze ratio, is probably a bit much to brag about in the club – Maulin’s tune of the same name spares us any lessons in multiplication, instead going in with some high end percussion and a low end waggle. ‘Pelvin’ is the icing on the cake and, perhaps most excitingly, deviates from the dance floor, instead heading towards a more rural sonic landscape where springs bubble, insects scratch and dislocated voices rub against each other in the grass – it’s reminiscent of the childhood sketches drawn in your ears by Boards of Canada and Manchester’s Twisted Nerve crew (gone but not forgotten). Full of backward scratches and shuffling beats – it’s maybe more cardigan sounding than club but benifits from its black, yet naive heart. On this offering Mau’lin caneasily man up for the rave, but it’s when he takes his foot off the gas that he’s at his most intriguing.

Jim Ottewill

‘Deeper Than The Sun’ is released through Ho_Tep on 21 March.

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