Marcel Dettmann – ‘Fabric 77’ (Fabric)

Caught up in the deluge of new music that overwhelms the senses on a daily basis, the humble mix CD has been enduring somewhat of an existential crisis as of late. Teutonic House and Techno institution Ostgut Ton recognised as much themselves recently, when they announced that all future editions of their respected mix series would now be made available free of charge. Developments such as these then, make it all the more intriguing when considering that Berghain overlord and Ostgut Ton key player Marcel Dettmann is the latest name to submit a mix for Fabric. Would he find a way to add value to a format that is being questioned from all corners? Listening to ‘Fabric 77’, we can’t help but feel a tad blasphemous for even entertaining such a thought.

Dettmann’s distinctive style is what makes him a perfect fit for the underground halls of EC1, as anyone that has seen him play the venue can attest, and this latest mix is true to form in being both an excellent installation amongst an established series as well as apt, scintillating and always on point in isolation.

Hazy drones and echoes seep in on ‘Athure Iccon’ and set the tone for a haunting mix comprising mainly unreleased tracks from Dettmann’s own MDR label. The tantalizing keys on Terrence Fixmer’s “Inside Of Me” continue to build the tension and euphoric vocal samples give the mix an early lift in Answer Code Request’s “Transit 0.2”.

The beauty of this mix is down to its variation and the subtle changes that never let it boil over. Dettmann converges wailing siren’s and vibrant hi-hats into dubbed-out melodies effortlessly, continuing to ramp up the atmosphere until the penultimate track once things have gotten all quite surreal and intoxicating. One can quite easily imagine themselves being totally transfixed, unable to stand still for the duration of the set but unable to move from the same corner of Room 2, hanging on every bar.

Dettmann does it again and again, turning out another brilliant mix that is characteristically Fabric and a showcase for some terrific forthcoming MDR releases.

‘Fabric 77’ is out on Fabric next Monday 18th August. Pre order your copy here.

Oliver Todd

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