Krystal Klear & Olivier Day Soul – ‘Never Thought You Would Go’ (Eglo)

Tear jerkers? Bringing sexy back? At this stage in January achieving anything so ambitious could be construed as terribly tricky. But the Eglo label, co-run by taste makers Alexander Nut and Floating Points, is taking it’s inquisitive, soulful strain of funked-up electronica and sexing it up for 2012 courtesy of Olivier Day Soul and Irish beat doctor Krystal Klear.

The result of the pair’s aural union is ‘Never Thought You Would Go’ – a breathless r’n’b ode to broken hearts and lost love. It conjures up dreams of Outkast’s glittery, musical silk while featuring a sprinkling of digital ice courtesy of Klear and an unnamed songstress. The sultry siren plays opposite Day Soul but remains unidentified throughout, only displayed in the video as a pair of particularly luscious lips.

Both men have history with this sort of business – Krystal Klear has laid his cards out on the table with the likes of big disco bombs such as ‘Tried For Your Love’ while Day Soul is a LuckyMe co-conspirator, having brought some technicolor joy to Hudmo’s ‘Joy Fantastic’.

As a whole, ‘Never Though You Would Go’ is a mesmerising piece of sonic fairy dust, and suitably anthemic to have already been shown much love by day time bland man Trevor Nelson. Don’t let this put you off – The tune is a smooth, slow jam brought to you by a trio who spend much of the tune’s 4 and a half minutes bowing down and kissing the swing of sweet 90’s new jack. Think back to the likes of Loose Ends and Bobby Brown – it’s all swooning, crooning, misty eyes amid candle lights.

Added to the rest of Eglo’s burgeoning canon and it shows that the label is starting the New Year off with a bang, albeit one more romantically inclined than taking you to ‘Thunder Bay’. Watch out 2012 – sensual seduction could be writ large.

Jim Ottewill

‘Never Thought You Would Go’ is released via Eglo Records on February 9.

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