Kingthing Vs. Jamie Grind – ‘infra12005′ (Infrasonics)

Kingthing and Jamie Grind are the purveyors of East London label Infrasonic’s first foray in 2012, a furious, genre-spanning release set to continue the outfit’s consistently fine output over the last few years. Following records from xxxy and Spatial, infra12005 is multifarious, the undying energy constantly revamped and given new lease of life. In other words, it’s some of the most impressive work of Infrasonics to date, and of 2012 for that matter. The EP carries an even, satisfying weight, its able re-working of the past and present quietly setting it apart from its peers.

A notable aspect of the release includes the subtle yet constant shaping and redefining of tracks, consistently providing multiple dimensions throughout the EP. Kingthing’s efforts in particular are endlessly busy, opener ‘Waking Up’ moving through three distinct phases, each more satisfying than the last. ‘Cold Diss’, meanwhile, draws upon elements of footwork, the relentless percussion providing the strength for the hypnotic, endlessly sustaining vocal cut. It’s seriously effective, the slickness of it all perhaps its most noticeable trait. A track destined for the dance-floor, it would seem, and the highlight of the EP, personally.

Jamie Grind brings a bassline and garage inspired pair of tracks, providing the soulful foil to Kingthing’s unashamed intensity. ‘For You’ is infectious, it’s bouncing rhythm given a reinforced clarity due to the depth of it’s parts. The aptly titled ‘We Still Play 140’, meanwhile, reminds us all why the tempo is still a force to be reckoned with, the mind-numbing bass and tricky percussion ending the EP as strongly as it began.

Seb Merhej

‘infra12005’ will be released via Infrasonics Recordings on March 20.

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