Junes – ‘Root Pattern’ (Galdoors)

‘Root Pattern’, the newest EP from Berlin-based producer, Junes, gives an unmistakable nod towards long dark nights and the gritty dance floors of Berlin, as winter takes an iron-tight grip on the city. As far as Galdoors releases go, this three track EP is quintessential stuff and seasonally apt; from start to finish, it’s forthrightly minimal, subtle and remote on the ear, much like the old gems you’ll find in their archive from the likes of Elgato and Audio Werner.

If you’re already well acquainted with Galdoors and their music, you’ll know they’ve a penchant for understated, melodic and finely tuned House music. Dissecting a typical track of theirs oft reveals intricate layers and pearly arrangements, eccentric elements and the odd trinket. This EP is no different, kicking off with its namesake, a fizzing track with a neat set of undulating drums and a rich melody that bubbles just below the surface for the duration. It pitches and traverses, but keeps your ears guessing onwards.

By comparison, ‘Transfer’ is a little more gloopy, cluttered and sporadic, cut with a more analogue finish to produce an altogether more absent and trippy sound. Arranged with a trademark level of meticulousness, quirky and a little unpredictable, it’s a track with Junes’ name all over it, which only adds to its substance and endearing quality.

The EP finishes up with ‘Iced’, a stoic, rigid and stripped-back track that single-handedly captures the very essence of a dark Berlin club and the distant, murky atmosphere of winter.

‘Root Pattern’ is out now on Galdoors. You can buy it here.

Henry Cruickshank

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