Hype Williams – ‘Kelly Price w8 Gain Vol.II’ (Hyberdub)

Holding a little bit back can go a long way when it comes to grabbing people’s attention – and it’s a tactic Hype Williams have employed to great effect in getting listeners to sit up and take notice of their psychedelic, computer made broth. Or at least lie down and lose themselves in the electronic bubbles they brew up.

The pair at the hub of the centre of the haze are Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, a duo originally from London and Eastern Europe respectively but who now operate from the creative melting pot that is Berlin. Their ‘One Nation’ album was greeted with wild enthusiasm and bewilderment when it emerged last year – but this isn’t an electronica which bounces up to you before popping you in the face – it’s a much more unsettling claustrophobia and nervousness that these two wade within. So some of the sounds which seep from the beautifully named ‘Kelly Price w8 Gain Vol. II’ bring about almost as much confusion as the revelation that this comes out via Kode9’s Hyperdub imprint – props to both for taking a chance on the other and coming up with summat as good as either party has been involved in before…

‘Rise Up’ opens proceedings in a gentle, yet sinister cloud – it’s not the rousing call to arms suggested by its title, instead full of almost narcolepsy-inducing smudges with Copeland’s vocals tied to its centre. ‘Boss Man’ is more chugging, more urgent with a synthesiser bound to a piece coal which lies where its heart should be. ‘Farthing Wood Dub’ is perhaps the most melodic piece on here, wobbling about like a sick love child of 808 State and Ulrich Schnauss. ‘Bad Mind’ features serious-sounding talk of blood and Ezra Pound while someone plays what sounds like a xylophone made out of bones amid a neon hinterland – somewhere between the early morning and the latest part of the night. The four tunes add up to something disturbing yet still easy to fall for. ‘Kelly Price w8 Gain Vol.II’ sees Hype Williams continuing down their seam of delicate, unstable path in fine fashion. Hype? Hype indeed…

Jim Ottewill

‘Kelly Price w8 Gain Vol.II’ is released via Hyperdub on July 4.

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