Hodge/Acre – ‘X/Don’t Get Me Started’ (Wisdom Teeth)

Christened by a record from boss Facta – albeit complete with a fierce, Wen dub on the flip – Wisdom Teeth utilise the same split 12” formula to broadcast their second transmission, this time courtesy of Hodge and Acre.

A producer very much in season, Hodge’s own hybrid strand of UK techno is one that has drawn praise from numerous circles – but here he turns his hand to something altogether more blurry, more off-centre. Although full of zip and purpose, ‘X’ feels harsh and gritty – straight, no-frills club music with a proverbial chip on it’s shoulder, firing off shots and rattles in every direction. It’s less refined and maybe less polished than his forthcoming work for Hemlock, but that’s exactly what makes it tick.

On the flip, Acre – a producer equally adept at turning in distorted Grime 12”s as he is bleepy, melody-laced Techno – opts for something more in line with the latter on ‘Don’t Get Me Started’. Although still punctuated by the odd scattershot of industrial white noise, the track bounces along with unrelenting, acidic energy and a warm, fuzzy bass rumble.

‘X/Don’t Get Me Started’ is out now on Wisdom Teeth. Buy it here.

Tomas Fraser

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