Hizatron & Bashley – ‘Discharge’ EP (Wigflex)

Hizatron & Bashley’s Discharge EP is aptly named – an overcharged spillage of compressed melodic repetition and rigid, uncompromising movements that makes for claustrophobic, crushed listening. If you’re familiar with the Nottingham based Wigflex, you should have some idea of what to expect.

Discharge takes its foundations from traditional 4×4 techno but everything else is turned on its head in a uniquely British fashion. It’s unabashedly rude, completely at ease with itself and its intentions, and that makes it a wonderfully liberating listen. Over 3 tracks and 25 minutes, Hizatron & Bashley take us through the meat grinder, maintaining pummeling grooves, fantastically ugly melodies that conjure images of sharp, obnoxious fluorescents.

Spilling out its innards in front of you, title track ‘Discharge’ takes you on a highly repetitive, increasingly intoxicating journey. It’s simply gut-wrenching, the arpeggiated hook boring deeper into your sensibility as it wears on, taking precedent above all else. The accompanying percussion is dulled, perhaps sensibly, but is still an interesting listen, along with the distant whines and bends of atmospherics to top it off.

‘Baggah Peeds’, meanwhile, could be considered to be even more grotesque. You can feel the weight of its gloopy bassline oscillating menacingly in the opening flourishes. It’s an altogether darker turn of events, with busier percussion propelling the track forward. ‘Baggah Peeds’, however, doesn’t contain the same infectious staying power as its predecessor, feeling a little tired towards the final third.

‘Coat Angah’ provides the respite, albeit briefly. A tweaked palette provides some twinkling introductory notes, and it feels an altogether more thoughtful piece than the rumbling beasts that precede it. Hizatron & Bashley’s Discharge EP is a highly original listen, above all, taking elements from techno and bass and injecting a serious rudeness into them. You’d be feeling queasy if you heard one of these on the right soundsystem, and I suspect that’s how Wigflex like it.

Hizatron & Bashley – ‘Discharge’ EP is out now via Wigflex

Seb Mehrej

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