Herva – ‘What I Feel’ EP (Delsin)

As is fairly common with releases for Dutch imprint Delsin, Herva, with whom they are releasing with towards the end of this month, was completely unknown to me before their association with him. The same can be said of Parisian producer Low Jack who they released with last month, as well as picking up Gerry Read in the fairly early stages of his development. Herva’s offering comes in the form of a four-track EP, entitled ‘What I Feel’. The EP strays further into the experimental territory the label often flirts with, infused with glitchy rhythms, crunchy atmospherics and twisted hooks. This said, it still manages to remain within the rough confines of (albeit fairly leftfield) House music Delsin are known for.

The release opens with a hazy slice of electronica entitled ‘Paranoid Thinking’. Littered with gristled, clattering drums, the track quickly gives way to blissful drones and washed out guitars. Addled with burst of white noise, ‘Paranoid Thinking’ sets a pretty innocuous tone for the EP, something that might not be expected given the tracks title.

Following this is the erratic ‘Crocodile Tears’. Characterised by twitchy percussion and heavily processed vocals snippets, it’s subtlety doesn’t get in the way of it being an undoubtable standout on the release. Dry swelling chords perfectly complement Herva’s laid back vocal wails, and raspy, snapping percussion.

The two B-side offerings ‘Gorilla’s Machine’ and ‘Snow and Clouds’ both ramp up the releases dancefloor appeal, and are both better suited to peak time plays compared with the two tracks on the A-side. This is partially due to a tempo jump notable from the start of ‘Gorilla’s Machine’. The track blends squelchy, psychedelic melodies with ticking hi-hats and hard-edged four-to-the-floor kicks. ‘Snow and Clouds’ meanwhile is a pure percussive excursion. A mixture of industrial style hits and gritty toms run throughout, the track’s swung rhythm giving it a jacking feel, accentuated by softly spoken vocal cuts.

Theo Darton-Moore

The ‘What I Feel’ EP wil be released April 22nd via Delsin

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