Gerry Read – ‘All By Myself / What A Mess’ (Fourth Wave)

Ramp Recordings offshoot Fourth Wave release the last in a trilogy of EP’s by Gerry Read to cap off a solid and promising year. With their first record coming from Holland’s Presk, Gerry Read alone makes up the remaining discography, expanding and diversifying his outlook with each release. Having initially carved out a sound more associated with dubstep on Dark Arx, the 19-year-old Suffolk native followed this with what has felt like a step up in both scope and accomplishment on each new record. Kassem Mosse, Actress and Lukid are all hallowed names, but the foggy sound that Read currently champions isn’t a million miles away. ‘All By Myself / What A Mess’ merely reinforces Read’s current reputation as being one of the more precocious and exciting newcomers to emerge over the last few years.

‘All By Myself’ forgoes pleasantries and drops you into a revolving atmosphere of piano stabs, deep, rich keys, understated vocal samples and relentless hi- hats. The producer has a knack of giving an initial impression of sprawling openness, but the thick layer of smoggy tendency that Read layers over creates a much more personal, organic atmosphere. Through this the subtle nuances that nudge ‘All By Myself’ onto a higher plain are retained.

‘What A Mess’ introduces muted, funk-laden keys that slide up and down the track, with distant guitar licks and muffled, unpredictable vocal samples penetrating the dense atmosphere. It runs at its own pace, flowing effortlessly,
full of energy and flair. As the track progresses Read sporadically throws in slight variations of subtle flamboyance that keep the track relevant and fresh. Read’s music doesn’t just feel accomplished; it feels genuine and original. ‘What A Mess’ in particular overflows with life. Throughout this young producers career that sentiment has been consistently engaged and built upon, and this last release make it a hat-trick of positive results.

Seb Merhej

‘All By Myself / What A Mess’ will be released via Fourth Wave December 12.

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