Gantz – ‘Rising / Spry Sinister’ (Deep Medi)

The infamy of Deep Medi’s heritage dictates that even rumours of new label releases are met with feverish excitement, unprecedented expectation and a shed load of pressure. Stepping up to the plate to set out the Medi stall out for 2014 is Turkish producer Gantz, who debuts here with some of the best dubstep we’ve heard in years. First and foremost, it’s a perfect Medi record; bold, creative, full of soul – all the signature, core elements that make the label such a cherished and moreover, vital dance floor institution.

With a confidence that belies newcomer status, Gantz kicks off proceedings with A-side ‘Spry Sinister’, a murky, industrial brute of a track that grinds along with bruising charm. Underpinned by super-dark, unerring bass weight and distorted vocals, it’s surefire, system-duppying magic but it’s what’s on the flip we’re really digging. El Mahdy Jr excels here on enchanting, celestial jam ‘Rising’, as Gantz’ infuses his own rugged, hardbody style with serious spiritual tonnage. The juxtaposition of Mahdy Jr’s lofty, heartfelt cries and sheer bassline dread is emphatic and, although by no means melancholy, certainly carries some pretty poignant emotional weight. Not quite tears in the rave, but a brilliant debut nonetheless.

‘Rising / Spry Sinister’¬†is out now on Deep Medi. Stream the release below and buy it here.

Tomas Fraser 

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