Eliphino / Seven Davis Jr. / REKchampa – ‘The Love Below #3’ (Somethinksounds)

Since handing a debut to overnight success Cyril Hahn, The Love Below has become a go-to resource for club-friendly edits. Last summer’s offering received plenty of support, with Ossie’s 4/4 Fela Kuti edit seeing a lot of play time in particular and the next 12” on the Somethinksounds sub-label appears to be rooted within similar territory.

It doesn’t take long for a marker to be laid in terms of ethos, as Eliphino gives an early Will.I.Am production the remix treatment in an opening track that looks towards the mainstream. The song choice may leave a few eyebrows raised, but it clearly works. Terry Dexter’s flanged, sub-aquatic hook is left as it is – sounding like the vocalist’s best mermaid impression – and the way it works in tandem with Eliphino’s trademark swinging percussion leaves you wondering why nobody had pulled the sample before.

Far from the only time Seven Davis Jr. has referenced Prince in his work – with a fair bit of his back-catalogue tinged in purple – on the flip we bear witness to the producer’s first attempt at a straight-up remix. Rubbery bass drives the track on as a twitching beat is punctuated by the occasional stab of shimmering synth, turning the extremely rare and previously unreleased original (entitled, ‘Purple Music’) into a six-and-a-half minute sleazy Funk fidget.

Finishing off proceedings is another bit of dance floor fodder as the mercurial REKchampa gives the record a Detroit twist. Usually flitting in between low-slung beats and soulful House, the Georgia native opted for something aimed towards the dance floor. Despite a lack of artistry, REKchampa’s ‘Combine Alchemy’ is pretty infectious and of the three, it’s the easiest to swallow. Whether it’s the grooving bass line or uplifting vocal hook that does it for you, you’ll be coming back for more.

It’s safe to say that The Love Below don’t shy away from putting out material on the more accessible side of underground 4/4 – a concept that’s been dirtied within certain circles. Without being cheesy or predictable, the latest addition to their back-catalogue is unashamed party material.

The Love Below #3 is out on the 21st of July, you can preview it here.

Matt Blair

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