Ejeca – ‘Nebula’ EP (Exploris)

After a series of successful EP’s on a range of labels over the last couple years, the busy Belfast-based producer has moved things into darker territory than those explored in his previous efforts, with the ‘Nebula’ EP setting a club-focused tone for new label Exploris. Far removed are the melodies that made tracks like ‘Horizon’ and ‘Night Rays’ so infectious, replaced with punishing percussion and obnoxious basslines.

‘Rick Flair’ starts the EP with the same steely intent as the wrestling legend from whom it takes its name, as Ejeca shows off a weighted side to his producing. ‘Skitter’ continues in a similar vein, but suffers under crude synthetic slides. The two lack a touch of subtlety – and although they are obviously geared as big-room club bangers, they could benefit from some more rustic touches. ‘Prototype’ makes up for this though; a moody Techno stomper that builds under static noise and distant clangs.

These are three solid club tracks that will do all of the right things at the right time in the night. Seeing Ejeca’s meaner and darker side proves what a talented and versatile producer he is, let’s just see if Exploris can bring in more of that talent in future.

Vinyl out now, digital to follow on the 15th September. Order here.

Jonathan Kambskard-Bennett  

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