Doc Daneeka – Walk On In (Numbers)

The rise of Berlin based Welsh producer Doc Daneeka has been steadily gathering steam over the last couple of years, his collaborations with Benjamin Damage on ‘Creeper’ and ‘They Live!’ for 50 Weapons in particular gaining both heavyweight attention and critical acclaim. Although still limited to only a few releases, his solo work has received much praise as well, and for his newest release he’s made his debut on Numbers with the ‘Walk On In’ 12″.

Having traversed the terrain from UK Funky to techno it’s tricky to know where he’ll choose to stop off next, but here Daneeka serves up a sumptuous house cut plush with dance floor purpose and plenty of soul. Teaming up with The Ratcatcher, the stall is set with the kind of well judged beat that seems to strike lightly but has you bouncing involuntarily within a couple of bars, its rich groove filling the room with good time feelings. The gospel vocal then glides over the top, reducing down to the refrain ‘walk on in’ which loops over a build that’ll get hands in the air and put smiles on faces.

On the flip ‘Trife Pt II’ is similarly aimed squarely at dance floor destruction. This time out though it’s a much darker affair, a foreboding bassline is joined by the mechanical echoes of a forgotten techno factory, before a melody of on-edge keys then walks the line between comforting and disconcerting, creating a sense that the sinister tension is about to be released without ever actually doing so. Both tracks are typical of Daneeka’s structural style and production skill, but it’s the well-buffed gloss and uplifting rhythm of ‘Walk On In’ that will keep you coming back for more.

‘Walk On In’ is out now on Numbers, you can purchase it here

Robert Mccorquodale

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