DJ Deeon – ‘Deeon Doez Deeon!’ (Numbers)

Jackmaster has always been outspoken in his admiration of the seminal Chicago imprint, Dance Mania. Tracks from the label have always featured heavily in his sets, and the Numbers boss even threw a special Dance Mania party during his temporary XOYO residency last year. With thirty 12” releases over four years, Ghetto House pioneer Deeon Boyd aka DJ Deeon is one of the label’s most prolific artists and two decades on, his timeless tracks have retained all their dance floor impact. Owned by a few, but sought after by many, Numbers have seized the opportunity to reissue several Deeon cuts that appeared on Dance Mania during the mid 90s.

The four selected have been remastered from their original DAT tapes and kicking things off is a cut pulled from Deeon’s 1996 release, ‘Deeon Doez Disko!’. Sampling a classic by Disco outfit First Choice, the warbling organ riffs and skipping, distorted drums still sound a hell of a lot fresher than most of the Chicago House imitations produced today.

‘House-O-Matic’ tops the wish-list of nearly every Dance Mania disciple. Ghetto House should be brash, bordering on obnoxious, with a real sense of fun. More importantly, it should get people dancing. Delivered at a ferocious pace, the track named after a dance troupe Deeon once produced for ticks all those boxes, unfurling into an irrepressible ball of kinetic energy that would have the House of Commons on their feet. Even alone, its inclusion makes purchasing the full release a no-brainer.

Showcasing another side to Deeon’s catalogue is the sexually-charged ‘Freak Like Me’. The seductive vocal is a far cry from the foul-mouthed lyrics found on other constructions, but it’s enough to give a taste of the Chicago native’s bawdier side. Primed for the dance floor, ‘The 604’ finishes things off in typically strong fashion. An analogue workout of playful synths and boisterous drums, like ‘House-O-Matic’ it bounces along with a propulsive exuberance. If you wanted a lesson in how to move a crowd, ‘Deeon Doez Deeon!’ wouldn’t be a bad start.

‘Deeon Doez Deeon!’ is out now on Numbers. Buy it here.

Matt Blair

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