Dauwd – ‘Saleh’ (Kompakt)

For someone who is relatively young with a handful of releases to his name thus far, London producer Dauwd has built himself a considerable level of international recognition; having initially released music via Pictures Music, brilliant US outfit Ghostly International and German label Kompakt previous to his second EP on the latter, which is out this week.

He’s crafted a wonderfully blissed out record through two tracks that compliment each other as much as they contrast. ‘Saleh’ has both moments of sadness and uplifting highs throughout it’s length; being particularly smooth in it’s eerie keys and dampened kicks that create a beautiful shell, which become filled by a variety of synths that pitch up and down through different tones to be matched by shimmering subtleties in the percussion. ‘Moiety’ breaks the shell of the former with a quivering introduction that finds itself through kicks that drive the harmony and a flowing arc of synth-led bassline, gently winding down to a flourish of sweetness.

‘Saleh’ is out now on Kompakt. Buy it here.

Oliver Todd 

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