BR&CP – ‘Superman’ (Musique Large)

Names can be deceiving – so you’d be forgiven for thinking Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez (BR&CP) is the moniker for a member of the French aristocracy and his unlikely sidekick. However, although it is the nome du plume for a Parisian duo, they deal in groinal, charity shop style funk rather than land ownership and blue blood.

‘Superman’ is the A-side on the duo’s debut ten inch for the Musique Large imprint and is a neat encapsulation of where the best bits of their musical mojo lies – It balances a laconic cymbal-heavy drum shuffle with vintage sounding synths to create an aural brew which manages to be warm, unsteady and cheaply euphoric all at the same time. Although their label claims the pair craft their tunes in a “secret cave” the pair’s skewed take on robo-funk suggests this hideaway isn’t so isolated. Or at least has ready access to Hudson Mohawke, The Roots and Errors such is their way with a wobbly analogue keyboard and fresh beat.

On the flip is ‘Beijos Seus Labios’ which features the smoky croon of Tita Lima over a more laid back and conventional noodle. It illustrates another side to their musical armoury – this could be the soundtrack to a classic noir flick via Portishead if Gibbons and co were from Portugal rather than Bristol – but it veers too far to into coffee table territory to really crow hyperactively about. BR&CP are much more exciting when they crank out a sweaty, yet low-slung groove. If they focus on the oddness of ‘Superman’ and its weirdly satisfying blend of electronics and live drums, then it could be worth getting to know the baron a little better.

Jim Ottewill

‘Superman’ is out now on Musique Large.

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